WPC Accessories WPC keel for composite decking installation
WPC keel for composite decking installation
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  • WPC keel for composite decking installation

    Available colors: Grey or  black,redwood,coffee,Teak,etc.
    Material: composite wood – WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)
    Profile length: 3000mm,4000 mm
    Profile widthXthickness:40X25mm
    Specific weight: 1,00 kg/m

    Profile: Solid or Hollow profile

    Shipping Port: Shanghai or ningbo port

    Components:55%wood fiber35%HDPE+10%chemical additives


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    WPC keel is a kind of keel with plastic wood as the main raw material,Like plastic wood decking, WPC keel is also made from a mixture of wood flour and plastic.WPC Keel is mainly used to fix the decking floor ,the keel is divided into solid keel and hollow keel.The general  standard length is 3 meters, and other lengths can also be customized.

    WPC keel china

    Composite Keel for WPC Decking is the perfect design to provide better ventilation and drainage,make the WPC composite decking life span longer.Make sure the ground is flat and stainless steel expansion screws are used to fix the solid WPC keel into ground, the waterproof composite decking panel shall be vertical to the hollow composite joist.


    When building a deck, WPC keel is often the first step to be installed on the ground, place the keel, and the keel spacing should not be more than 350mm; level the keel when placing the keel;Use an electric drill to introduce holes in the keel, and the hole diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the stainless steel screw, and then screw the screw into the drilled hole to fix the keel to the cement ground.

    Joist of wpc china

    WPC joists are often fixed on the ground with plastic expansion screws. Of course, some Joists have their fixed stainless steel accessories.The distance between the fixed points of the plastic expansion screws is 500mm~600mm,

    Advantages of WPC Keel from China :

    Comfortable Surface:

    WPC composite decking surface is way smoother than a deck designed with natural wood. The firmer surface of the deck can take the pressure of any fall without showing signs of damage.

    Heat Resistant:

    WPC composite decking is the best decking solution for hotter regions. The deck’s outer surface is resistant to UV rays, giving you a colder surface to walk under the scorching sun and avoid foot burn.

    No Color Fading:

    Natural wood loses its color as they absorb heat from the sun. But since the WPC decking is resistant to UV rays, it retains its impressive appearance for years to come.




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