Composite Material Blog The popularity of WPC in Finland and the potential of importing WPC from China in Finland

The popularity of WPC in Finland and the potential of importing WPC from China in Finland

May 18, 2024

With the continuous development of global trade, Chinese products have occupied an increasingly important position in the international market. Among many products, WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) decks and fences have gradually become popular among consumers around the world because of their environmentally friendly and durable properties. Especially for European countries, due to their special geographical location, there is a large demand for such outdoor decoration materials.

As a Nordic country, Finland has a cold and humid climate, so it has strict requirements for the selection of outdoor materials. Against this background, WPC decking and fences have gradually become a popular choice in the Finnish market due to their weather resistance, corrosion resistance and easy maintenance.
In recent years, how has the sales situation of WPC decks and fences imported from China been on the Finnish market? As far as we know, China, as a global manufacturing power, also has obvious advantages in the production of WPC products. Whether it is the abundance of raw materials, the maturity of the production process, or the ability to control costs, China’s WPC products have a place in the global market.

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According to the “Finnish Design House” report, 30% of the floors currently used in Finnish homes are wood plastic materials, and 70% are laminate flooring (a multi-layer solid wood composite flooring). Outdoors, Finns like to use WPC fences instead of traditional iron or wooden fences, which are prone to rust and have high maintenance costs.In Finland, WPC decking and fences have gradually entered people’s lives, becoming a popular choice for many homes, public Spaces and even commercial places. WPC, or Wood-plastic Composite, is a new type of environmentally friendly material made from a blend of natural fibers and plastics, combining the texture of Wood with the durability of Plastic.

As an outdoor floor, WPC decking has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-slip, easy to clean, etc., and has various colors, so it can adapt to various outdoor environments. WPC fence has become a good helper for people to beautify their homes and improve privacy due to its advantages of being moisture-proof, insect-proof, and not easily deformed.

In Finland, whether it is the courtyard design of private residences or the construction of public places such as parks, pedestrian streets, etc., we can find WPC decking and fences. They use natural colors and warm textures to create pieces of comfortable leisure spaces. In some commercial places, such as restaurants, cafes, etc., the use of WPC also makes the entire environment more harmonious, adding a sense of tranquility and elegance.

The popularity of WPC decking and fences not only reflects Finns’ pursuit of quality of life, but also demonstrates their emphasis on environmental protection. In the future, with people’s in-depth understanding of environmental protection concepts and their pursuit of high-quality life, WPC decking and fences will be more widely used, and their development prospects will be brighter.

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China, known as the “factory of the world”, has attracted global attention with its huge manufacturing base, mature supply chain system and huge consumer market. China’s rapid industrialization and urbanization have driven the demand for a large number of construction and decoration materials, including high-quality wood plastic products.

From an import perspective, Finland’s inherent potential in importing WPC from China is multifaceted:
The price of WPC produced in China is usually relatively reasonable, which means that for Finnish companies that need to purchase large quantities of WPC, they can effectively control costs. Secondly, the diversity of China’s WPC products can meet the needs of different end applications, whether it is color, texture or size, and can provide customized services, which provides Finnish designers and architects with more choices.

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Considering the popular trends in Finland’s plastic wood industry and the market advantages of China’s WPC, trade cooperation between the two countries undoubtedly has great potential. For Finland, the reasonable introduction of China’s high-quality WPC products will not only promote the development of local industries, but also help meet consumer demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials. For Chinese WPC manufacturers, entering the Finnish market, which pays attention to quality and environmental protection, will be a good opportunity to enhance the brand’s international image and expand its business scope. 

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