Composite decking board Why the second generation co-extruded WPC decking is better than Noramal wpc board
Why the second generation  co-extruded WPC decking is better than Noramal wpc board
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  • Why the second generation co-extruded WPC decking is better than Noramal wpc board

    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
    Model Number:HM-046
    Brand Name:HANMING WPC
    Material: wpc
    Thickness: 23mm or 25mm
    item:Co-extrusion WPC Deck Floor
    Product Type:Engineered Wood Flooring
    Structure:Hollow WPC decking
    Surface Treatment:Sanded, brushed or embossed
    Size:138*23 mm
    Maximum Load:3800 N
    Installation:Install with clips and joist
    Advantage:Anti-slip. Weather-resistant, Anti-rot, Long lasting, Low maintenance
    • Description

    In modern home renovations, flooring selection has become an important consideration. Traditional wood flooring is favored for its natural beauty and warm texture. However, with the advancement of technology, second-generation co-extruded WPC flooring is gradually emerging. Compared with ordinary wpc Decking, the second-generation co-extruded wood flooring is gradually becoming the darling of the market due to its excellent performance.Hanming co-extrusion wpc deck walnut wpc-2

    Normal WPC board, also known as wood plastic composite material, is a composite material made by mixing wood fiber and plastic through a certain processing technology. It has the dual properties of wood and plastic, such as moisture-proof, insect-proof, and corrosion-resistant, but it also has some shortcomings, such as water stains.
    The second-generation co-extruded wpc decking is a new type of plastic wood composite product produced using co-extrusion technology based on the first-generation wpc. Co-extrusion technology refers to a process in which two or more extruders work simultaneously to plasticize raw materials of different materials and then combine them in the same mold during the manufacturing process.china co-extrusion wpc deck board

    The core advantages of the second generation co-extruded WPC decking lie in the following aspects:
    1. Improvement of surface treatment technology. Co-extrusion technology allows the board to form a uniform surface layer during the production process. This surface layer has better wear and scratch resistance, rich colors and better texture. Such a surface not only improves the aesthetics of the board but also increases its service life.
    2. Enhanced structural stability. The boards manufactured through the co-extrusion process have a tighter internal structure, strong adhesion between each layer of materials, and are not easy to peel off. This allows the second-generation co-extruded wpc board to exhibit higher stability and load-bearing capacity when withstanding external pressure.
    3. Improve environmental performance. The second generation of co-extruded WPC  uses environmentally friendly polymer materials in production, which reduces the release of harmful substances and is in line with the concept of green environmental protection.
    4. Good weather resistance. Wood-plastic composite materials produced through the co-extrusion process can better withstand natural environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation, wind and rain, slow down the aging rate of the material, and thereby extend the service life.
    5. Low maintenance cost. Because the second-generation co-extruded wood panels have better wear resistance and weather resistance, their maintenance costs are much lower than ordinary plastic wood products when used outdoors.capped wpc deck board

    The second generation of co-extruded WPC has made breakthroughs in material, technology, performance, appearance and environmental protection, which gives it more advantages when compared with ordinary wpc boards. However, it should be noted that although the performance of the second-generation co-extruded wpc decking has been greatly improved, it still needs to be installed and maintained according to the correct method during use to achieve its best performance.

    The second generation of co-extruded WPC decking is significantly better than ordinary WPC with its excellent weather resistance, wear resistance, easy maintenance, environmental protection and energy saving, and diversified design options. Although the cost may be slightly higher than traditional wpc products, considering its long-term performance stability and low maintenance costs, it undoubtedly provides a higher cost performance. Whether from the perspective of practicality or aesthetics, second-generation co-extruded WPC are an excellent choice for modern construction and home decoration.


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