Composite Material Blog Where is Newtechwood WPC Brand | Newtechwood WPC address in China

Where is Newtechwood WPC Brand | Newtechwood WPC address in China

July 11, 2024

Huidong Meixin Plastic Lumber Products Manufacturing Co.,Ltd ,Newtechwood products are rich and diverse, including outdoor deck flooring, wall panels, fences, flower boxes and WPC Fence. These products all use advanced 360° full-coverage technology to ensure product color diversity and good tactile experience, restoring the natural beauty of wood. 
Through continuous technological innovation and market research, Meixin Technology has successfully established its own brand image and vigorously expanded the domestic market.

The Address of Newtechwood is Twelve Tuowutang area, Daling Town, Huidong County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province.

Newtechwood Website:

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Technological innovation is one of the core competitiveness of Meixin Technology.
The company continues to improve product performance through technological research and development, such as using full-cover technology to solve the defects of old-style WPC products, making the products more durable and more natural in appearance.
In addition, Meixin Technology also independently developed the surface material formula, which reduced production costs and made the products more competitive in the market.


In overseas markets, especially mature markets such as Europe and the United States, Newtechwood Technology has successfully established a good reputation and market share with its own brand “NewTechWood”, deepened cooperation with many well-known customers including Home Depot, the largest home building materials retailer in North America, and continued to expand the scale of product sales, demonstrating its strong competitiveness in the global market.

Although Newechwood’s products are excellent in technology and quality, it does not mean that their products are suitable for all customers. Newechwood’s products are generally not cheap, and customers should consider their budget when choosing WPC products.

Newtechwood’s products are positioned at the high end and are relatively expensive.
This means that for some customers with limited budgets, they may feel that Newtechwood’s products are beyond their reach.
Although Newtechwood’s products are impeccable in quality, the high price may discourage some customers.

Newtechwood’s products are mainly aimed at overseas markets. Although they also have certain sales in the domestic market, the sales in the domestic market are relatively small compared to overseas markets.
This means that for some customers who mainly operate in the domestic market, they may need to look for products that are more suitable for the domestic market.

China fence made of wpc

Newtechwood Technology’s products are mainly outdoor deck flooring,219X26mm wall panels, fences, flower boxes, WPC pergola, etc., which means that for some customers who need other types of WPC composite materials, they may need to look for other suppliers. 

Although Meixin Technology’s products have obvious technical advantages, this does not mean that its products can definitely meet the needs of all customers.
For example, some customers may need products with specific colors or textures, and Meixin Technology’s products may not meet these special needs.







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