Composite Material Blog what is WPC exterior wall Cladding ?

what is WPC exterior wall Cladding ?

December 12, 2018

WPC wall cladding is the same process as WPC decking, mainly used in outdoor wall materials,The installation of WPC wall cladding is also very simple.WPC wall cladding is a composite material profile with excellent physical properties,WPC profiles and panels have become the choice of the public, whether it is large-scale projects or home decoration.

WPC wall panels are an increasingly popular way to decorate buildings. As an excellent alternative to traditional wood wall panels, composite wall panels not only have the advantages of wood wall panels but also many benefits of WPC wall panel. It is an attractive and cost-effective way to decorate.

Advantages of WPC wall cladding :

The high durability and resistance to extreme temperatures, humidity, and termites make WPC boards suitable for different interior and exterior applications.

The material is highly durable and is not affected by rainfall, wind or hot summer conditions. In fact, using WPC is environment friendly as it takes advantage of the durability of plastic while reducing the amount of plastic landfills. A long life span means it would be an ideal choice for an outdoor cladding.

What is the Great Wall panel?

WPC wall panel is mainly made of PE and wood powder, calcium carbonate plus functional additives such as foaming agents and stabilizers. It is called the Great wall panel because its cross-section is like the Great Wall. The length of the WPC wall panel can be 1000 to 5000mm, the width is between 150–220mm, and the thickness is generally determined according to the requirements of the shape.

Great Wall panel is also a kind of WPC wall panel. Currently there are co-extrusion item and Uncapped item on the market. In terms of quality, the co-extrusion item must be much better.

WPC wall panel is widely used in home improvement, hotel, engineering, and other aspects. The application scenarios of WPC wall panels are not limited to indoor ceilings and walls, garden landscape design and architectural appearance will be involved.

great wpc wall

WPC wall panels are installed by fixing them to the wall with stainless steel fasteners and stainless steel nails. Normally we say that WPC wall panels can have a life span of about 10-15 years. If properly maintained, it is not a problem to use it for 20 years. Nowadays, WPC wall panels have been accepted by more and more people and are very suitable for home decoration. Becoming the mainstream product for interior wall panel decoration.

 WPC wall

What is WPC wall Panel with 3D embossing Texture ?

The surface of plastic-wood wall panels is mostly flat and can be printed with wood grain, while 3D embossing texture is just a form of wood grain. This kind of texture is not easy to be erased and can last for a long time.

3D Embossing WPC wall cladding which offers the aesthetic of natural timber and the benefits of long lasting beauty with minimal maintenance.the deep wood grain pattern on our Panels mimics the beauty of natural wood and resists to moisture, rot & termites etc.


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