Composite Material Blog What is WPC decking Meaning ? | Outdoor WPC material

What is WPC decking Meaning ? | Outdoor WPC material

December 12, 2018

WPC decking is made from 55% hardwood fibres, 35% recycled polyethene and a 10% mix of bonding agents and additives.  WPC  means wood plastic composite.Some manufacturers also use Bamboo power+High density PE to make decking boards, so we can also call it BPC.WPC decking is generally used outdoors, but it has also been used indoors in recent years.

The most common application of WPC is construction Product, for non-load-bearing or non-structural purposes, especially outdoor applications such as deck flooring, siding, railings, window frames & profiles, fence and doors. In the garden, WPC can be used to make outdoor furniture, pergola, fences, tiles or garbage bin. Moreover, noise barriers in street construction and sheet pilings for landscaping could be also made from WPC.

Is WPC better than wood?

WPC Board can be used as it is and requires no further painting or polishing. Natural wood needs to be cut to required sizes followed by painting or polishing. WPC can be installed instantly. Natural wood needs to be finished with polish before hand over or pre finished wood can be used for installation.

turkey wpc deck board

How is WPC decking produced ?

Put plastic, wood flour and additives together ,When they are processed in a machine, they become small particles, a process called granulation.Using different molds, the particles produced are made into various types of WPC boards.Using different molds, the particles produced are made into various types of floors.At the time of granulation, WPC boards color can be modulated, general manufacturers can have more than 6 colors, length can be cut to be 2.2 m, 2.9 m, 3 m, 4 m, 5.4 m, 5.9 m Per PC.

WPC extruder

About Prices of WPC decking boards from China.

WPC decking board Price: 15– 40USD/SQM · Minimum Order Quantity: 100㎡ .The price of WPC board is determined by the quality of raw materials, formula and brand, etc. Generally, the price of WPC products with good quality will not be very cheap, because the plastics and wood powder used are of high quality, and antioxidant will be added to the raw materials.  the value of the brand is also one aspect.WPC can be measured in square or in meters.

Take a popular size of 140X25mm hollow floor as an example, the price of a square is 17USD/SQM.

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