Composite Material Blog What is the difference between PVC and WPC wall panels?

What is the difference between PVC and WPC wall panels?

December 10, 2018

WPC wall panels, also known as Wood-Plastic Composite wall panels, are an innovative building material that combines the natural look and texture of wood with the durability and low-maintenance properties of plastic. They are made by mixing wood fibers or sawdust with plastic and additives, which are then formed into panels through a process of extrusion or compression molding. WPC wall panels have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in construction and interior design applications. They are often used as a decorative and functional cladding material for walls, ceilings, and facades in both residential and commercial buildings.

PVC stands for PolyVinyl Chloride. It is a widely used plastic material & most of the plumbing & irrigation pipes are made of this material. 

PVC wall panels are hollow-core items used for the interior wall claddings & ceilings. Due to their hollow part, they are lighter in weight. They have a tongue & groove-type joints for faster & easy installments. PVC wall panels are used as a decorative material for the home interior similar to wallpapers.

WPC wall

WPC Wall cladding —156X21mm 

What is the difference between PVC and WPC wall panels?

From the perspective of raw materials, the composition of WPC wall panel is the synthesis of wood powder and PE, while PVC wall cladding is a single PVC material. The density of WPC will be higher than that of PVC, so the same size, PVC wall panels will be lighter Some.


PVC is a costlier option as compared to WPC. WPC has more strength as compared to PVC. WPC is an extremely carpenter-friendly material whereas.

PVC wall panel is durable but has to be maintained properly. Some pvc grades may split or splinter in course of time. 

In terms of water resistance, the water absorption rate of PVC is almost 0, but the water absorption rate of WPC is generally about 1%.

wpc wall panel china

WPC boards are made of wood fibers and polymer plastics which are extruded after heating, which are environmentally friendly materials and have good weather resistance; While PVC boards are made of PVC materials, which are light in weight, weather resistant and acid resistant.

Features of WPC Wall cladding:

Composite wall cladding can be sawed, nailed, or planned. And can be completed with woodworking tools.WPC wall cladding has good strength performance. And it has a good elastic modulus. Compared with wood, WPC Wall panels are resistant to strong acids and alkalis, water, and corrosion. And it doesn’t multiply bacteria and is not easy to be eaten by insects. The service life is long, up to more than 20 years.

Features of PVC Wall cladding:

PVC has good electrical insulation properties and can be used as low-frequency insulation material.

Due to the poor thermal stability of PVC, long-term heating will cause decomposition, and make polyvinyl chloride discolor. So its application range is narrow, and the use temperature is generally between -15 and 55 degrees.




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