Composite decking board Waterproof WPC flooring for outdoor deck from china
Waterproof WPC flooring for outdoor deck from china
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  • Waterproof WPC flooring for outdoor deck from china

    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
    Material: WPC
    Product name :wpc decking
    Surface Treatment:Groove, sanding
    Brand: HANMING WPC
    Length: 2.2m/2.4m/2.8m/3.6m/5.8m/customized
    Application:garden,backyard, swimming pool surround,marina deck,seaside,path etc.
    Advantages : Anti-slip. Waterproof,Anti-UV
    Price: 16usd/sqm-25usd/sqm
    • Description

    Outdoor wood flooring is almost the same building materials that people will not lack when decorating the courtyard, with the continuous development of the market, a variety of outdoor flooring began to emerge.WPC is a new kind of environmentally friendly material, which is made of plastic and wood flour through extruder. WPC flooring will mainly be used in outdoor flooring, but it will also be used indoors.

    WPC flooring can adapt to a variety of specifications, sizes, shapes, thicknesses and other needs, which also includes providing a variety of designs, colors and wood grain finished products, to give customers more choices.

    WPC flooring china

    WPC flooring combines the advantages of wood and plastic, WPC flooring has realistic appearance and Stable performance. In wetland and other environments, the advantages of wpc flooring are particularly prominent. It has high density, good aging resistance, effective mildew resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and insect resistance, and WPC is suitable for outdoor decoration and environmental protection needs. By using plastic wood flooring, it can not only beautify the landscape, but also realize the concept of environmental protection, WPC adds color to the construction of parks and other places.


    How to install outdoor WPC Flooring ? 

    Advantages of WPC Boards:

    1. Termite resistance: WPC boards make good material for termite-proof furniture. This is one of the main advantages WPC wood offers over natural wood. In addition, these boards make a perfect solution for outdoor applications.

    2. UV rays resistant: WPC boards come in multiple colors. In general, the color of the furniture kept outside fades in heat. WPC boards offer UV rays resistance, making them suitable for exterior applications.

    They are widely used in making facades, landscape items, flowerpots, and garden furniture.

    3. High durability: Durability is one of the essential benefits offered by WPC boards. They are not affected by rain, chemicals, humidity, and other environmental conditions. They are also easy to use. Conventional tools can be used to fix these boards wherever required.

    Capped wpc deck

    WPC material can be waterproof, anti ultraviolet and anti scratch, and is more suitable for outdoor places such as garden, swimming pool, coast, etc.According to testing, the water absorption rate of WPC flooring is generally below 1%, which makes WPC decking suitable for wet environments, such as hydrophilic platforms, swimming pools, docks,etc.






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