Composite decking board Uganda WPC Deck material |New options for outdoor deck materials in uganda
Uganda WPC Deck material |New options for outdoor deck materials in uganda
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  • Uganda WPC Deck material |New options for outdoor deck materials in uganda

    Size: 146*25mm

    length: 2.4/4m or customized

    Anti-slip finish

    3d embossed woodgrain

    light weight design, easiy to install

    Brand: HANMING WPC

    Price:18 USD/SQM-23USD/SQM

    Minimum Order Quantity:100㎡ per design & color

    • Description

    There is a growing demand for outdoor construction in Africa, especially in Uganda. Among them, weather resistance and environmental protection have become the focus of attention. Against this background, WPC materials have gradually become favored by the market with their unique advantages.
    Uganda is located in the tropics and has a changeable climate. Outdoor buildings need to have sufficient weather resistance to cope with strong sunlight, heavy rain, humidity changes and other factors. At the same time, with the improvement of environmental awareness, the environmental protection of building materials has become an issue that cannot be ignored. wpc materials just meet these two needs.
    WPC Deck material is a composite material made of natural wood and plastic. On the one hand, it retains the natural texture and beauty of wood, and on the other hand, it has the weather resistance and anti-corrosion properties of plastic. This makes it widely used in outdoor construction, such as park benches, walking paths, and even outdoor furniture.


    Because Uganda is located in a tropical area, traditional wooden building materials are easily affected by termites and moisture, have a short service life, and have high maintenance costs. Therefore, finding an alternative material that is both environmentally friendly and durable has become an urgent need for the local construction industry.

    WPC material emerged as the times require. It is made of high-density plastic and natural wood fiber. After scientific processing, it has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, aging resistance and other properties. Compared with traditional wood, WPC materials have a longer service life, which can reach more than 15 years, and require almost no special maintenance, which greatly reduces later maintenance costs. In addition, plastic wood materials also have good plasticity and can be designed into various shapes and styles according to the designer’s creativity, providing more choices for the beautification of outdoor spaces.

    Uganda WPC DECKing

    In the field of construction and landscape design in Uganda, the application of plastic wood materials is becoming more and more widespread. Whether it is the seats, railings, and planks in public leisure places, or the terraces, balconies, and gardens of private residences, plastic wood materials can be seen. Its natural and rustic texture and color are in harmony with the surrounding environment, making it both beautiful and practical.

    With its multiple advantages such as environmental protection, durability, comfort, easy installation and diverse designs, Ugandan wpc decking has become the first choice floor decoration material for many people seeking a high-quality life. Whether it is for the health of your family, the pursuit of comfort and beauty, or considering practicality and economy, Uganda wpc is a choice worth considering.

    What is the price of wpc decking  in Uganda? According to the current market conditions, the price of ordinary wpc ranges from 18USD/SQM  to 30usd per square meter, while high-end products that use special processes or unique designs will cost even more. It is worth noting that the price mentioned here is only a rough range, and the specific situation needs to be determined based on actual conditions such as different brands, specifications, sales regions, etc.
    It’s worth mentioning that while Ugandan wpc board  may be higher in price than traditional flooring, it is lower maintenance, more durable and environmentally friendly in the long run. Therefore, considering the cost performance and use value, choosing wpc is undoubtedly a wise investment.

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    When choosing wpc  products, Ugandan customers often prefer designs with natural wood grain effects. This style not only creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere, but also blends harmoniously with the local natural environment. For example, dark-toned WPC can create a stable and simple feeling; while light-colored products can bring a fresh and bright visual experience. In addition, some WPC products with carved or antique treatments are also very popular among young consumers who pursue personalized decoration styles.

    deck installation

    Choosing the right WPC dekcing thickness is crucial. Thicker floors are more stable and able to withstand more pressure, making them suitable for high-traffic areas.

    It is very important to leave appropriate expansion joints. Since WPC  expands or contracts with changes in temperature and humidity, leaving a certain amount of space can prevent the floor from deforming or cracking due to climate change. In tropical areas like Uganda, considering the large temperature and humidity differences, it is recommended to reserve wider expansion joints than in general areas.


    As an emerging material, the use of WPC in Uganda also faces some challenges. First of all, because it is an imported material, its price is higher than that of local traditional building materials, which limits its popularity to a certain extent. Secondly, the quality of products on the market varies, and consumers may face certain difficulties when choosing. For this reason, choosing a brand with high visibility and good reputation has become an important way to ensure quality.

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