Composite Material Blog Tell you How to Install WPC decking boards | WPC decking installation

Tell you How to Install WPC decking boards | WPC decking installation

December 12, 2018

One of the alternative materials for wood is the wood plastic composite (WPC) which has been developed over the last 40 years and is becoming a new and attractive construction material. WPC is a composite made of wood power, PE and additives. They are used in a variety of application ranging from outdoor/indoor furniture, fences, decking to automotive applications (interior and engine).

This article briefly introduces the installation of WPC decking, points for attention, etc.

deck install

Before the installation of WPC decking boards,It is very important that the concrete layer on the construction site should be flat. and Keep the board end and the joist at least 10mm from the walls or other obstacles to allow for expansion of the WPC products and also for ensuring good drainage and ventilation.

1.First, spread the cut WPC Or Steel keels evenly on the concrete floor,Keep the keel spacing at about 30-40CM,Then use an electric drill to drill holes on the WPC keel,Fix the screws into the keel to the ground.(Note :that the screws must be fully screwed into the keel.)

When the base condition of the construction site is poor,and the structure is unstable, steel keels should be used instead of WPC keels.At this time, galvanized steel should be used, and the welding slag should be removed from the welding part,and anti-rust treatment should be carried out.

WPC keel on the ground

2.Start installing WPC decking.When fixing the first WPC board, stainless steel starting fasteners are generally used.At the beginning of the keel, confirm the position of the starting fastener,Use an electric drill to screw stainless steel self-tapping screws into the holes on the starting fastener,Fix the starting fastener on the keel;

ss start clip

Place the first piece of WPC decking into the stainless steel starting fastener,Each plastic wood decking has a fastener slot, the second WPC decking is connected to the first floor through plastic fasteners & screws, And then Follow the same method later to install the rest of the WPC boards.

Considering the slight thermal expansion and contraction of WPC materials, when installing WPC profiles, there must be an appropriate gap between one board to another WPC board.

The gap between two WPC boards depends on the length of the profile, the temperature during installation, the thermal expansion coefficient of the profile (ζ≈0.9×10-4), and the highest possible local temperature.5-8mm is generally recommended.

Some WPC board profiles have no clip slots and do not use plastic fasteners. In this way,  if it is directly screwed from the plastic wood surface to the keel to fix it,drills should be used first to guide the holes, that is, pre-drilled holes; the diameter of the pre-drilled holes should be less than or equal to 3/4 of the screw diameter.

composite deck board

When installing WPC decking, installers need to handle it with care to avoid damage to the WPC board,The plastic T clips & screws are used to fix the spacing between the two boards to prevent sliding. (Knock the boards gently with a rubber hammer during the installation process to achieve equal gaps and a beautiful surface.)

Clip and screw

After the deckings are installed , the next step is starting  to install the edge banding. The edge banding is installed on the outermost edge of the floor, usually fixed with SS screws.

WPC right-angle edge banding is the most used, because the effect of paving is good. We recommend using thicker wpc right angles for edge banding,And when installing, first guide the hole and then fix it with screws. It is not suitable to use gun nails.

About  the WPC decking pavement for the steps, it is recommended to use metal edge banding to protect the decking.

WPC edge banding

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