Outdoor Bench| Outdoor Table Stainless steel + WPC material for outdoor park chair
Stainless steel + WPC material for outdoor park chair
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  • Stainless steel + WPC material for outdoor park chair

    Product Name:Outdoor park Bench
    Metal Type:Stainless Steel+WPC
    Surface: Brushed+ wood texture
    Keyword:Garden Products-Garden Bench
    Color:Customized Color
    Price: 150-250USD/SET

    • Description

    Stainless steel park chair is made of galvanized stainless steel  plate and WPC board,strong bearing capacity is also a major highlight of this park chair, And it has the characteristics of weathered and anti-corrosion, rust resistance,which can be placed in the outdoor for a long time.Stainless steel park chairs are suitable for placing in scenic spots, campuses, squares, pedestrian streets, parks and other occasions, which can not only provide rest for people coming and going, but also play a role in embellishing the surrounding environment. 

    bench for outdoor in china

    Stainless is extremely versatile and looks great in outdoor entertaining area. It creates a professional and stylish look with its shiny metal surface, its designs options are endless, and it offers a variety of different textures that can be added to the bench top to minimise the appearance of scratches.It is also strong and durable meaning Park bench won’t crack, chip or break and hardly needs any maintenance once installed.

    Stainless steel park bench

    WPC bench is suitable for various sites, simple and flexible in structure, easy for construction and production, the construction is more free, flexible and the site suffered less constrained.WPC will not fade, warp or rot from weather exposure and it requires no special maintenance to look as good as new for many years. 

    Park wpc bench


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