WPC trash cans| Plastic garbage can 240L Park plastic trash can with Foot Pedal in China
240L Park plastic trash can with Foot Pedal in China
  • 240 L LAJI
  • lajitong
  • 240L Park plastic trash can with Foot Pedal in China

    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
    Material: HDPE
    Color: Green/Blue/Deep Gray/Yellow/Red
    Foot Pedal:Available 
    wheel: 4 Pcs Wheels with lock
    Item name:Outdoor plastic trash bin 120L    
    LOGO PRINT:Free printing   
    Brand:HANMING WPC 
    Supply Ability:10000 Piece/Pieces per Week   
    Price: $13.50/Set
    • Description

    What material options are there for outdoor trash cans? Trash cans are an indispensable item in human life. It is accompanied by every era, especially in today’s residential areas, hotels, schools, factories, streets and other places. Trash cans can be divided into public trash cans and household waste  Bins, garbage can be divided into separate trash cans, recyclable trash cans, non-recyclable trash cans, kitchen trash cans and other trash cans. By convention, processed materials can be divided into plastic trash cans, stainless steel trash cans, wpc trash cans and fiber trash cans.

    Trash cans

    Advantages of plastic trash can:

    1. Durability: Plastic trash cans are generally more durable than other materials and it can withstand long-term wear and corrosion.

    2. Portability: Plastic trash cans are relatively lightweight, which makes them easier to move and clean.

    3. Price advantage: Compared with trash cans made of other materials, plastic trash cans are usually cheaper and more economical.

    4. Diversity and design: Plastic trash cans have a variety of colors and shapes, which can be customized to better adapt to different environments and design needs.120LPlastic trash cans

    What are the characteristics of a good-quality plastic trash can: The color is uniform and bright, the fuller the color, the better the quality; the surface of the trash can should look smooth, and the inner cavity of the trash can should not be too rough; the body of the trash can is thin and well-proportioned, which can increase the service life .

    LAJI 2

    240L Plastic trash cans are suitable for the following places: urban streets, living quarters, properties, schools, parks, hospitals, various public squares, restaurants, night market stalls, township sanitation, municipal sanitation, factories, corporate units, gardens, stations, docks , Scenic spots and other places.

    In China, trash cans are generally divided into five types: Green, yellow, red, blue, and gray. 

    1. Green: Green represents kitchen waste. Kitchen waste can be used as fertilizer for plant nutrients. After soil is buried, it can be decomposed and absorbed by natural microorganisms and plants, playing the role of waste reuse.

    2, red: on behalf of harmful substances, sometimes also marked with orange, harmful substances including waste batteries, fluorescent tubes, paint, expired drugs, cosmetics and other non-recyclable substances with a certain pollution hazard.

    3, blue: represents recyclable waste, including plastic, paper, metal and other valuable substances, these substances will be included in the waste recycling system, for resource recycling disposal.

    4. Gray: Garbage other than harmful substances and recyclable substances, bricks, ceramics, muck and other wastes that are difficult to recycle. Such substances will generally be incinerated or buried.

    5. Yellow: It represents the special trash can for medical waste, which is generally only used in hospitals, health stations and other medical places.

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