WPC trash cans| Plastic garbage can Outdoor WPC trash can for holiday resort
Outdoor WPC trash can for holiday resort
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    Usage:Outdoor, Home, Recycling, Public

    MOQ: 50PCS

    Place of Origin: zhejiang,china

    Brand: HANMING WPC

    Payment:30% Deposit Advance Payment, The Balance Payment Against copy of BL

    Materials: Iron+ WPC

    WPC and iron material are moth-proof and durable.

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    WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite.Composite trash bins are suitable for ecological parks and tourist attractions.The trash cans used in tourist resorts should be able to withstand high temperature outdoors, It should have sufficient waterproof performance and good impact toughness.

    When designing this WPC trash can, we first considered functionality. The garbage can needs to meet the basic function of storing garbage, and at the same time, it should be convenient for users to use and maintain. Therefore, we adopted a simple cylindrical shape with a smooth support at the bottom to ensure the stability of the barrel. The lid of the bucket is designed as a clamshell that can be easily opened, which is convenient for users to put garbage and prevent odors.

    WPC Garbage Can

    Trash can, also known as waste bin or dustbin, refers to the container in which garbage is placed. Most of them are made of metal or plastic.

    Due to the emergence of the new material WPC, the advantages of this material are also valued by the manufacturers of trash cans, so the WPC board is decorated on the Iron box, and the trash cans assembled in this way are more waterproof and UV-resistant outdoors, so The service life is also greatly extended.

    the manufacturers of trash cans,

    The WPC trash can produced by our factory are widely used in living quarters, leisure squares, urban streets, landscaping, commercial buildings, star hotels, factories, hospitals, schools and other industries.the products produced by HANMING are loved by customers for their novel style, elegant appearance, reliable quality, safety and durability, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and ability to adapt to harsh weather.

    trash can in china

    Composite trash cans have gradually entered people’s lives. This kind of plastic wood trash cans are very popular because of their environmental protection, durability, and colorful performance.

    WPC trash cans advantage:

    1. Simple installation: The WPC trash can be very simple to be installed, simply spliced and fixed with fastener screws.

    2.Good corrosion resistance and durability: Plastic wood trash cans are corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant, and it can be used outdoors for up to 10-15 years.

    3.Environmental protection: WPC trash cans are very environmentally friendly, without any pollution, and it does not contain formaldehyde, and will not produce any poisonous gas.


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