Composite Pergola/Composite Pavilion outdoor WPC Pergola with best material
outdoor WPC Pergola with best material
  • WPC pergola china
  • Pergola of wpc china
  • Composite Pergola china
  • outdoor WPC Pergola with best material

    Product name : WPC PergolA

    Material:Wood Plastic Composite

    Surface Treatment:Sanding, Brushing, Embossing

    Brand:HANMING WPC 

    Price: 1000 USD/SET-3000USD/SET

    Application:Garden, Terrace, Balcony, Corridor, Lawn, Garage, Pool&SPA Surrounds, Boardwalk, Playground.


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    The external WPC Pergola is a new type of grape planting trellis. It is made of environmentally friendly materials–WPC. It has the advantages of anti-corrosion, weather resistance, beauty, and easy cleaning. It is very suitable for outdoor garden landscapes or personal home vineyards.

    WPC pergola

    Now, pergola is used in many ways,One can provide people to stop and rest, look at the scenery;In addition, it can create the conditions for rattan plants to climb and grow. Therefore, WPC Pergola can be said it is the landscape products which is the closest to the natural. 

    Composite Pergola china

    A pergola is a square or rectangular structure that uses slats our beams overhead to help reduce sunshine and provide shade from uv rays.When you are looking for the right material for your pergola, many homeowners have trouble deciding between wood, fiberglass, vinyl, or WPC  for your outdoor space.

    When choosing a pergola material, it’s important to consider the durability, maintenance requirements, and overall aesthetic that best fits your needs and preferences. Of the different materials available,WPC is generally considered the most durable option.

    The best and most durable pergola material you can go with is WPC. It has the best price to performance ratio when you’re trying to build pergolas that last a lifetime.


    Composite Pergola china

    Pergola  is built by people with a certain material, and the characteristics of the material will inevitably have an impact on the style of the building.Therefore, the  art of the  Pergola also depends to a certain extent on the materials selected.

    composite Pergola in china

    Pergola not only provides dappled shade, but also a soothing place to rest. In the courtyard, we can sit quietly under the pergola, look up at the clusters of swaying green leaves, and drink tea and read books in our spare time.

    We can plant our favorite plants on the side of the pergola according to our own preferences. There are many plants suitable for climbing on the pergola, such as traditional wisteria, grapes, loofah, etc.

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