Composite Material Blog Outdoor WPC composite material, service life revealed!

Outdoor WPC composite material, service life revealed!

April 5, 2024

WPC  material, as the name suggests, is a composite product of plastic and wood. It’s based on plastic,By adding wood flour and other waste plant fibers mixed into new  materials,After extrusion processing technology, a certain shape of the plate is produced.

The WPC material has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-insect  and so on.It is widely used in the decoration of parks, scenic spots, villas, gardens and other outdoor places.However, although the WPC material has so many advantages, but people are most concerned about its service life. So, how long is the service life of outdoor WPC composite materials?

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Let’s start with a story. In a small town, there is an old gentleman In poland who loves environmental protection. He likes to plant flowers and grass in his small garden to create a small world. In order to decorate this small world, he chose WPC materials as his decorative materials. He chose the material for its environmental properties as well as its durability, and he hopes this little world will last him for the rest of his life.

Time flies, ten years have passed, and the old man’s little world is still as new as ever. WPC decking did not appear cracking, deformation phenomenon, WPC fence did not fade, everything remains the same. Seeing all this, the old gentleman smiled with satisfaction, knowing that he had made the right choice.

This is only one case and cannot represent all the circumstances. In fact, the service life of WPC composite materials will be affected by many factors. First of all, the quality of plastic wood material is a key factor in determining its service life. High-quality plastic wood materials, such as PE plastic wood, its service life can reach 15-20 years; And some inferior plastic wood materials, the service life may only be 3-5 years.

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The use of environment will also affect the service life of WPC materials. In the outdoor environment, WPC materials need to withstand the test of wind and rain, sun and rain. If it is often in a humid environment, the Poor quality WPC material is easy to mold, affecting its service life. In a dry environment,Poor quality plastic wood materials are prone to cracking and deformation. Therefore, the correct maintenance and maintenance is an important means to ensure the service life of plastic wood materials.At the same time, choosing a high-quality WPC is also important in a poor environment.

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The way of use will also affect the service life of the plastic wood material. If the wrong installation method is used during the installation process, such as not reserving expansion joints, it may lead to cracking and deformation of the plastic wood material. 

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The service life of WPC materials is not fixed, but is affected by a variety of factors. Only the choice of high-quality plastic wood materials, the correct use and maintenance, in order to maximize its service life.
Let’s go back to the old man in the small town. His story tells us that both people and things need our love and care, and only in this way can they accompany us for a longer time. Similarly, for plastic wood materials, we also need to carefully choose, use and maintenance, so that it can play the greatest value in our lives.



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