Composite Material Blog Outdoor Composite wood materials, how much do you know?

Outdoor Composite wood materials, how much do you know?

April 3, 2024

Outdoor wood materials, with its excellent performance and wide scope of application, have been highly respected in the building and decoration materials market in recent years. This new environmentally friendly material, which is composed of plastic and wood fiber through a special process, not only has the warm texture of wood materials, but also has the characteristics of water resistance and corrosion resistance of plastic materials.

In the garden landscape, the frequency of plastic wood materials is getting higher and higher. Whether it is a bench in the park, a walk, or a guardrail in the greening of the community, a dumpster, you can see its figure. Compared with traditional wood, plastic wood does not need frequent paint anticorrosion, and is not easy to deform and crack, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced, which is not a small advantage for the long-term use of public places.

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Entering the field of family garden decoration, plastic wood has also shown a good charm. In pursuit of natural beauty, many residential complexes use wooden decks or fences. However, because natural wood is prone to moisture and decay, as well as the need for regular maintenance, maintenance costs increase, and plastic wood just solves these pain points. It can not only simulate a variety of wood textures and colors, but also moisture-proof and insect-proof, and the service life is far longer than ordinary wood.

Commercial space is also where wood-plastic materials play a huge role. The outdoor seating area of restaurants and cafes, if the use of traditional wood, will inevitably face the damage caused by wind and sun; And plastic wood not only looks realistic, comfortable to touch, but also because of its wear resistance, easy to clean characteristics, become the first choice of businesses.
In water projects such as yacht docks, pro-level platforms, etc., plastic wood materials have also shown a strong competitiveness. Traditional wooden structures are easily damaged in these humid environments, while plastic wood can resist moisture erosion for a long time because of its inherent waterproof performance, greatly extending the service life of the structure.
It is worth mentioning that the advantages of plastic wood materials in environmental protection can not be ignored. Since its main components are recycled plastics and wood scraps, the demand for logs is reduced in the production process, which to a certain extent slows down the pressure of deforestation, in line with the concept of sustainable development.

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Although the application of plastic wood materials is wide, but also pay attention to its purchase and use. The quality of plastic wood products on the market is uneven, and consumers should pay attention to the weather resistance, stability and safety of the product when choosing, to avoid buying inferior products because of petty profits.
Outdoor wood materials with its unique environmental protection, practicality and beauty, is gradually changing our living environment, from public facilities to private space, it is everywhere. In the future, with the further maturity of technology and the continuous expansion of the market, we have reason to believe that plastic wood materials will play a more important role in outdoor applications.

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