Composite Fencing Outdoor deck Handrail made of WPC in China
Outdoor deck Handrail made of WPC in China
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  • Outdoor deck Handrail made of WPC in China

    Brand Name: HANMING WPC

    Frame Material:WPC

    Feature:Easily Assembled, Sustainable, ECO FRIENDLY

    Type:Fencing, Trellis & Gates

    Product name:Wood Plastic Composite Handrail

    Usage of fence panels:Outdoor decoration

    Color of Railing :Redwood, Coffee, Chocolate, Black,Teak,Grey

    Maintenance:Requires no painting, no glue, low maintenance.

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    wpc railing are made from quality materials that guarantee long durability and performance over time. Materials used include pure aluminum, stainless steel, WPC Boards. WPC railings are used for decoration in residential areas and gardens. This material has also been praised by users. Outdoor deck railing and composite wood railing are sustainable and durable compared to plastic or wood railing. 

    deck handrail made of wpc

    Whether it is WPC railing, wpc fence or composite wall cladding, the use of WPC profile is mostly hollow structure, that is, it is hollow–not Solid, wpc profile with hollow tructure is very different from solid wood material, solid wood material is basically solid, hollow structure will be relatively lighter, and the cost will save a lot.


    The advantages of WPC railings

    the WPC material used in WPC railings is waterproof. If WPC railings are placed outdoors, there is no need to worry about the decay of the guardrail due to rain and snow, and it will not deform the railing due to the ingress of moisture.

    WPC composite Railing  is flexible for design and appearance specifications as wood, on the other hand, since it’s not just wood, it doesn’t splinter, wrap and decay, and it impervious to rot and wood eating organisms.

    wpc railing china

    Installation Guide of WPC Handrail:

    1:Fix the special fixing parts of the WPC Post to the concrete with expansion screws (the length of the expansion screws is determined by the thickness and quality of the concrete floor at the construction site),Then put the WPC posts on the professional post fixing parts. Generally, the distance between the Posts is about 1.5 meters.The specific distance is determined by the local actual situation or design plan, including the flow of people and the surrounding environment of the installation site, etc.


    2.Prepare the handrail and small square post of the specified length,First, fix the square post with connectors at the corresponding positions of the handrails,Then put the prepared square tube into the connector,Finally, install another handrail.The distance between the square posts depend on the specific situation. The reference distance is 100-200mm.The distance between the handrails is recommended by 800-1000mm in vertical.

    install of wpc railing

    3.Assemble the installed handrail and WPC post  through the handrail connectors.

    4.Fix the cap to the WPC Post. The cap can be made of wood-plastic material or Plastic material, which is chosen by the customer.

    In the actual application cases, the China wpc handrail has shown a strong vitality. For example, in a high-end residential area in Beijing, the designer used WPC railing as the main  material of the community, which not only increased the beauty of the entire community, but also improved the service life of the handrail, which was unanimously praised by the owner. In a park in Shanghai, the manager replaced the original wrought iron railing with a wood-plastic handrail, which not only improved the overall environmental effect of the park, but also reduced the daily maintenance work of the handrail, saving a lot of operating costs.

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