Outdoor Bench| Outdoor Table Outdoor composite bench made of WPC China
Outdoor composite bench made of WPC China
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  • Outdoor composite bench made of WPC China

    Material : Wood Plastic Composite+Iron foot


    Brand:Hanming WPC

    UV Stability:High UV Stable

    Surface:Brushed, Sanded

    PRICE: 50-100USD/SET
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    • Faq
    What is composite bench?
    The composite bench is a bench with plastic composite material. It is made of recycled wood fiber and recycled plastic. Thanks to its components, it has more competitive advantages compared with other materials, especially traditional wooden benches.

    Outdoor WPC  park chair has the advantages of water resistance, acid and alkali resistance,WPC bench makes it a common product in cultural squares, outdoor parks, residential areas, streets, municipal facilities, scenic spots and other areas,WPC bench does not need follow-up maintenance and care, it has long service life.

    Bench made of WPC

    Outdoor park chair is a new type of outdoor leisure chair. Compared with the traditional wooden park chair, the WPC outdoor park chair has more advantages and characteristics. First of all, the composite outdoor park chair is rich in environmental protection characteristics.WPC bench’s colors are rich and varied, and it doesn’t require paint. However, if it is anticorrosive wood, it still needs to be painted regularly.WPC has strong waterproof anticorrosion ability and is not easy to rot.

    wpc China bench

    WPC outdoor seat is a seat combination with wpc as the main material and aluminum or steel frame.WPC has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet and other characteristics outdoors,With the steel skeleton, it also gives people a visual aesthetic feeling of rigidity and softness, which is in line with the modern people’s life philosophy of being close to nature.

    Composite materials offer the promise of greater durability and less maintenance. Wood is still the most common choice for bench material,but it doesn’t last forever. Composites may be more durable.

    bench wpc

    If the bench is all made of metal, then this kind of outdoor seat is durable and not easy to break; but it cannot meet the changing needs in terms of shape and color, and in winter, if you sit on a metal chair, your buttocks will feel very cold.



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