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Outdoor China WPC decking board Manufacturer| China WPC timber factory
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  • Outdoor China WPC decking board Manufacturer| China WPC timber factory

    Function:Waterproof, Anti-Static, UV Resistane ,Anti-Skidding etc.

    Price: 16usd/sqm-19usd/sqm

    Brand: Hanming WPC

    Usage: outdoor

    HS Code:39189090

    Color: 9Colors

    MOQ: 100SQM 

    Color:Black, Coffee, Red Brown, Red, Teak, Yellow,chocolate,grey,etc.

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    WPC decking is often used in gardens, parks, balconies, swimming pools and so on, because of its waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics, loved by many people, In China, many outdoor project materials have also shifted from solid wood materials to WPC materials.The cost of stone paving is too high, and traditional anti-corrosion wood is expensive, easy to break, easy to be damaged, and laborious to maintain.

    WPC Decking  is also divided into solid and hollow type, and the price of hollow board is relatively cheaper, Prices generally between 16USD and 22USD per square meter.The solid decking price is more expensive, Price generally between 20USD And 40USD  per square meter.The 3D emboosing decking and Co-extrusion WPC that appear on the market will be more expensive.
    wpc deckin china
    Now the WPC produced by the manufacturers is mainly extruded. Extrusion can be single extrusion or composite extrusion,The production process of WPC products is as follows:
    1.processing of waste plastics, sawdust, straw or other materials-2.mixing treatment of wood powder and PE→3.granulation→4.extrusion→5.cooling and finalization.
    WPC wall cladding -co-extrusion
    CHANGXING HANMING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in production and sales of wood-plastic environmentally friendly new materials In Zhejiang,China. It has leading production technology and equipment for wood-plastic materials.
    The products produced by HANMING WPC  not only retain the naturalness of wood texture,It also has the characteristics of waterproof, fireproof, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, recyclable and other environmental protection characteristics.It can fully meet the architectural requirements of outdoor gardens, seaside villas, public municipal projects, etc.
    WPC deck board china
    Advantages of China WPC timber From Factory:
    Our WPC material products have the following advantages: waterproof and moisture-proof, insect-proof, strong plasticity, high environmental protection, recyclability, simple installation, high fire resistance, good sound absorption, long life, etc.
    About the price of wood-plastic composite decking In China :
    In China, the prices of wood-plastic flooring of different brands, specifications and materials are not the same.Like Like the more popular Sizes– 140x25mm and 150X25mm hollow decking board  in the market, the price will be about  18 dollars per square.
    140X25MM WPC deck
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    Q: What is Composite decking ?

    WPC decking, or composite decking, is a decking material solution made from a unique combination of plastic and wood. WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite and this composite is made up of 55-60% timber fibres and 45%- 40%HDPE and additives. Our WPC deckings are more sturdy and durable than real wood, but also possesses a similar appearance to real wood.

    Q: How big is the gap between the deck boards?

    As the WPC material has a certain thermal expansion and contraction performance.Leaving a gap between boards is critical for a well-built deck ,When installing new WPC decking ,the proper gap ranges are from 3.5mm to 8mm , it depends on the length of your decking, the climate when installing.

    If you still aren't sure about how big a gap to leave for your WPC decking, then we strongly encourage you to talk to a decking professional. They will tell you the best spacing and help with installation to ensure it gets done the right way.

    Q: Why the keel is neceary for the intallation?

    When we install the flooring, firstly the keels are fixed in the ground, and then we put the decking board on the keels. You know the wpc decking board can’t be put on the ground surface directly. For one thing, it can affect of the planeness of the flooring surface after installation. For the other thing, it is not good to control the drainage of the bottom, because the wpc decking board is mainly used for outdoor, which rains a lot. So keels must be used to hold the solid decking board when installed.

    Q: What temperature the decking can bear?

    -40°to 60°

    Q: Will color fade because of exposure to the sun?

    ULTRA-VIOLET inhibitors have been added to our decking to reduce color fading due to extensive sun exposure. A slight change in color will occur but will retain this lighter shade through out the life of the product.

    Q:Are the fasteners of wpc decking hidden?

    Installing WPC Decking using Hidden Fasteners is very quick and easy. All of our WPC Deckings are built with a slot on the side for mounting, which matches the fasteners perfectly. Install the first deck and the edge deck can be secured using starting clips.

    Q:Do you need to drill a hole before screwing into wpc decking?

    Some outdoor deckings are screwed directly from the decking surface to the keel, and the density of WPC flooring is usually higher than that of wood. We strongly recommend pre-drilling holes before tightening the board with screws.

    Q: what is the advantages of WPC Decking material?

    WPC has antiseptic properties, is more difficult to crack than wood preservative, mildew, greener, longer service life characteristics, suitable for use in harsh outdoor conditions. Relative logs, wood materials, better stability, with easy installation, no paint coloring advantages. Because of its surface on the exterior of the wood texture with simulation and color perception, and therefore become the eco-friendly alternative to wood-based materials.

    Q:Will the Service Life of WPC Decking Be Longer or Shorter?

    The high performance makes wpc product can withstand years of sunlight, rain, wind and snow. The maintenance cost is low, and it can generally be used 10 to 15 years,The longest may even be used for 20 years, but this service life is based on the premise of good raw material quality, correct installation and necessary maintenance.


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