Composite decking board Modern co-extrusion wpc decking | NO Fading Waterproof capped composite Decking
Modern co-extrusion wpc decking | NO Fading Waterproof capped composite Decking
  • China capped deck
  • china co-extrusion wpc de
  • Modern co-extrusion wpc decking | NO Fading Waterproof capped composite Decking

    Design Style:Modern

    Brand Name: HANMING WPC

    Product name: CAPPED WPC Decking Floor

    Colors:8 Basic Options/customized

     Material:60%wood Powder+30%HDPE+10%Additives

    Surface Treatment:Double Colors, Sanding Embossing Woodgrain

    Function:Decoration Material

    Price: 23-28usd/sqm

    Place of Origin:ZHEJIANG,CHINA


    • Description

    Co-extrusion decking is an upgraded type of wpc composite decking. co-extrusion wpc has a “cover” that provides added protection against the elements and everyday living. covered with high performance and moisture-resistant polymer, co-extrusion decking is free of stains and moisture. the extruded surface is made of multi engineer plastic that completely covers the board in a layer of protection from scratches, stain and fading.

    Co-extrusion composite decking is superior to the first generation, leading to its slightly higher costs. nonetheless, the co-extrusion decking is cost competitive because the traditional wpc decking requires more maintenance time and cost to keep longer service time.

    capped wpc deck flooring

    Capped decking board is one of the WPC composite panels on the market. these are made from wood and recycled plastic fibres.Capped WPC panel is no fading,waterproof and ecofriendly.

    As a rule, sunlight causes the WPC floorboards to fade slightly over a one year period. After that, they stay roughly the same, lighter shade.

    The WPC decking tiles are waterproof, rigid and are very stable product for outdoors. It would be in perfect condition despite heavy foot traffic from people or pets.

    capped wpc in china

    Capped wpc terrace planks are more durable than planks or tiles made from wood. Because of their resistance, solid Capped WPC planks have a life of up to 20 years.

    WPC is a very good product and HANMING WPC is a very good company. WPC is the solution for every problem in furniture. it is termite proof so you should always use HANMING  WPC.

    WPC decking board Price: 22 – 30.9USD/SQM · Minimum Order Quantity: 100㎡ per design & color.

    China capped deck

    The biggest difference between co-extruded  wpc decking and traditional wood plastic decking is that an additional layer of polymer shell is added.This layer of shell is fully surrounded by four sides,This technology is called co-extrusion technology.

    With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, more and more outdoor decoration projects choose cost-effective co-extruded wpc decking, which can better meet the quality requirements of consumers.

    Teak co-extrusion wpc deck

    The improvement in performance of the second-generation co-extrusion wpc decking is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
    1, it has higher strength, better wear resistance, and longer service life;
    2, it has richer colors, more diverse styles, and can Meet the individual needs of different consumers;
    3, it has stronger environmental protection performance, which not only reduces environmental pollution during the production process, but also does not release harmful substances during use.

    HANMING has also made active efforts in product research and development and market promotion. We continue to improve the technological content of our products and develop more new products that meet market demand; they actively participate in various exhibitions and bring high-quality products to the market through online and offline methods, winning recognition from domestic and foreign consumers.




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