Composite Material Blog How can buy Composite decking from China in Australia

How can buy Composite decking from China in Australia

January 14, 2024

Canberra is the capital of Australia. Canberra has both urban characteristics and rural scenery. It is a quiet “garden city” with lakes and mountains and trees.Composite decking, a composite deck made of plastic and wood flour,It is used on walkways in many parts of Canberra.In fact, not only Canberra, but Sydney, Melbourne and other cities are using environmentally friendly materials.There are many brands in Australia, and the specifications they use are different. Most of them are 140X25mm, 150X25mm,etc.How to buy composite decking from China in Australia?

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China is the worlds leading manufacturer of WPC decking. More than 200 WPC decking suppliers from China are listed on Among these, more than 70% are located in the provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang,anhui and Jiangsu. However, this figure is not including Chinese suppliers that are exclusively manufacturing for the domestic market.

When buying WPC decking from China, you can first learn some basic information about the supplier from alibaba or google, such as where the company is and how big it is.

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Before purchasing, understand the specifications, quantity and colors required by your project, so that when communicating with Chinese suppliers, you can know whether the suppliers have similar products.if the supplier has similar products, you can pay a small amount of money at this time and ask the supplier to send some samples to you by DHL or fedex.

In China, the quality of wood plastics is uneven, Some with good quality and some with very poor quality, so we suggest getting some information about quality and looking for 2-3 suppliers to send samples to you in order to compare the quality.

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If you choose the supplier after you confirm the sample, you can pay a deposit to place an order with the supplier.Then you can book shipping space later and arrange the sippment.Of course, if you need a small amount, you can buy WPC products from China locally in Australia.Because at present in Australia, there are already many dealers selling WPC products from China.



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