Composite Material Blog Formulation of wpc material from China

Formulation of wpc material from China

December 10, 2018

Wood-plastic composites (WPC) scope of application: WPC profiles such as floors, columns, wall panels, keels, flower box boards, and chair strips.Wood-plastic formula is something that WPC manufacturers most want to know.

The ratio of a basic raw material formula is roughly as follows:

Wood powder 50-60%, plastic 30-40%, calcium substances 5-20%, additives 2-6%.

The wood flour in the WPC formula generally uses 150~180 μm wood flour,And  poplar wood powder is used more.Calcium carbonate can use light calcium carbonate or heavy calcium carbonate with a particle size of 11-13 μm (400-1250 mesh) according to different quality requirements and production processes.

Coupling agent. It can solve the problem of poor interfacial compatibility between strong polar wood and  plastic. The poor compatibility of wood and plastic is mainly because the surface of wood is rich in polar groups – hydroxyl groups, which are hydrophilic;

The surface of the plastic is non-polar and shows hydrophobicity. Therefore, when the proportion of wood is too large, the performance of the composite material is poor; but if the proportion of wood is too small, the performance requirements of the composite material cannot be met. Generally, the compatibility can be improved by introducing a coupling agent. The nature of the coupling agent should be between the first two materials, and play the role of coupling or bridging.


UV stabilizers keep the polymers in the composite from degrading or losing mechanical properties. In addition, in order to maintain a good appearance and perfect performance of the composite material, it is often necessary to add an antibacterial agent (the selection of the antibacterial agent should consider the type of wood powder, the amount of addition, the fungi in the environment where the composite material is used, and the water content of the product. content and other factors).

The production of wood plastic decking requires a large amount of wood powder and plastics. The quality and dryness of wood powder have a great impact on the quality of the product. It is necessary to choose wood powder with good quality and low moisture content.

WPC decking factory china —HANMING WPC 

Mix wood flour, plastic and additives according to a certain ratio, and stir evenly to make it a uniform mixture,The prepared mixture enters the extruder, and the material is pressed into decking boards through high-pressure and high-temperature pressing.

After production, the surface of the board is polished or embossed to make it feel more real and natural, while improving the aesthetics and texture of the product.

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