Composite Material Blog Do you know how long does WPC decking last?

Do you know how long does WPC decking last?

October 8, 2023

How long can WPC last? It has always been a topic of people’s relationships,we know wpc is used outdoors and will receive the honing of the natural environment in public places.

Here, we feel that the service life of WPC is related to a variety of factors, first of all, there are various manufacturers, the raw materials and formulas used by manufacturers are also affecting the service life of WPC, generally using good raw materials and formulas, then the WPC produced in this way can be used for about 10-15 years, and the use of poor raw materials, the service life is about 3-5 years. This can be seen in many projects that pursue low prices.

WPC decking in china

2, we know, wpc has hollow and Solid item, For outdoor engineering considerations, if the flow of people is large, and there are some tourist cars or family cars there, if in order to save the budget and choose  hollow WPC board, and the thickness is thin ,Then the service life of this kind of floor will not be very long, and some floors that cannot bear heavy weight will be easy to damage.

WPC deck board from china

3.The importance of installation.The installation of wpc directly affects the service life of WPC,Installation is actually very important, such as the spacing between the keel, the gap left between the board and the board, whether to use the drill lead hole, and the size of the gap according to the temperature at the time of installation,And whether the fasteners are stainless steel or plastic,Whether the foundation of the installation is strong,etc.

4.The durability of WPC is also related to the environment of use. In the outdoors, due to high temperature, rain and other factors, all affect the service life of WPC.If WPC is used in a very hot country, then the hot sun shines on the floor, these need to add anti-ultraviolet rays and antioxidants in the raw material to ensure the life of the decking.If the WPC is used near the sea or water, then the raw material may also need to add anti-mildew agent.

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5.The emergence of new products, the introduction of Capped wpc decking and steel & WPC board in the market, these new technologies have increased the service life of WPC, so that WPC can have a lifetime of more than 20 years.

Steel-cored  WPC board


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