Other Composite Products China WPC Plant Pot Mover with rolling Wheels| composite planter pot caddy
China WPC Plant Pot Mover with rolling Wheels| composite planter pot caddy
  • China wpc plant pot mover
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  • China WPC Plant Pot Mover with rolling Wheels| composite planter pot caddy

    Colour: Grey

    Material: WPC

    Dimensions: 30 x 7.5 cm (Dia. x H)

    With 360° rotatable castors

    Two castors with brakes

    Load capacity: 100 kg

    Assembly required: Yes

    Brand: HANMING WPC


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    WPC plant caddy absolutely strong and heavy duty! With it you can easily move your heavy plant anywhere.Its saucer is made of WPC Boards,  no rust, no deformation. Grid-like saucer up to 2cm, with strong carrying capacity. 4 black wheels adopt powerful steel bracket, 360 degree turning freely. Their PU tires will never scratch your floor.

    China wpc plant pot mover

    Let’s look at the design. Wood-plastic material makes it both wood texture, but also has the light plastic, and rich color, can be well integrated into a variety of home styles. Most importantly, it is equipped with wheels at the bottom, which is easy to move, and can adjust the position of the pot at any time according to changes in sunlight and indoor temperature.

    Our WPC plant mover is double WPC board structure,It is suitable for courtyards, gardens, balconies, indoor and outdoor flower pots,This planter can be widely used for moving pots, plants, while protecting the floor from scratches and stains. Make your life more convenient.

    WPC planter caddy

    Plant Standing

    These plant caddies are made of wood-plastic composite, making them durable, weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. Thanks to the 360° rotatable castors, the plant rollers can be moved about effortlessly. There are also brakes on two castors to help you stop the plant stand easily.

    The plant stand with wheels and with a non-slip surface has 4 easy running equipment castors, of which 2 have breaks to safely transport heavy loads. It allows for easy and back-friendly moving of heavy flower containers.•INDOOR & OUTDOOR: The weatherproof round plant stand with wheels is suitable for indoor & outdoor use.


    The weatherproof round flower trolley is suitable for indoor & outdoor use. It protects robust floors from scratches,The premium plant trolley is responsibly manufactured according to ecological standards. It allows moving even the heaviest potted plants.WPC plant trolleys are of good quality safety and longevity.Products which are manufactured from  WPC are characterised by high moisture resistance.

    WPC plant trolleyWPC plant trolley china

    Let’s talk about what it does. In addition to placing flowerpots, it can also be used as a plant display rack, so that green plants become a beautiful landscape of the home. At the same time, it can also play a decorative role to improve the quality of life at home.

    How to use this flower pot holder to improve our quality of life? First of all, you can choose different kinds and different colors of plants, so that the home is full of vitality and vitality. Secondly, you can choose different flower pot holders according to your own preferences and home style, so that they become part of the home. Finally, you can move the pot holder to let the sun shine better on the plant and make the plant grow better.



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    • Weight:118g/4.2oz
    • Dimensions:2.5 x 5.0 x 0.4 in/126 x 64 x 10mm
    • Output:5V=2A
    • Input:5V=2A
    • Capacity:5000mAh/19.25Wh

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