WPC Wall Cladding 2024 Popular Castellation Wall Cladding made of WPC from China
2024 Popular Castellation Wall Cladding made of WPC from China
  • wpc Great Wall Cladding
  • 2024 Popular Castellation Wall Cladding made of WPC from China

    Item:Co-extruded outdoor wall panel

    Size: 219X26mm

    Length:2.2 m, 2.9 m, 3.6 m or customized length

    Type:Modern Wall Panel



    Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China

    Color :Oak Brown, Black, Grey, Maple Red, Desert Yellow, Dark Coffee

    Brand :HANMING WPC

    Type:grille wall panel

    Feature:High Strengh, Low Wear & Tear, No Deformation


    • Description

    WPC castellated cladding with 360 degree protective layer !WPC castellated cladding (composite castellated cladding), made of 35% recycled plastic and 55% wood fibre. 360 degree shield to prevent from any moisture,UV, fungus! it can be used both indoor and outdoor ! WPC extruded Great Wall panels can be widely used in outdoor places, and it can be installed on the walls of buildings, walls of small courtyards, etc.

    Castellation Wall Cladding  is a very environmentally friendly material made of a mix of plastic and wood powder.Castellation Wall Cladding is a wall decorative panel, because its cross section is like the Great Wall, so it is aslo called the Great Wall Cladding.

    Castellated cladding

    Durability: Castellated cladding is made from high-quality materials that are designed to be durable and long-lasting. This means that it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use and remain looking great for many years.

    There are many different materials used in cladding such as wood, plastic, imitation stone, or even metal. Metal cladding is usually in the form of galvanized steel or aluminium. There are so many cladding materials available in the market but WPC Wall Panels are the most commonly used cladding material in modern days. This is because due to plenty of reasons. They are durable, lightweight, easy to install, eco-friendly and are available in a wide variety of shades and textures.

    wpc wall

    The service life of Castellation Wall Cladding can generally be as long as 10 years to 20 years or so, but also it has the advantages of skid resistance, wear resistance, anti-cracking, aging resistance, and WPC  Castellation Wall Cladding can also withstand 75 degrees of high temperature and negative 40 degrees of low temperature, in addition, Castellation Wall Cladding is a renewable material.

    extruded Great Wall panels

    In this green season, outdoor construction is on the rise again. People have begun to plan their own courtyards or public Spaces, and outdoor wood-plastic wallboard has become a popular choice because of its excellent environmental performance and weather resistance.From suppliers in China, you will find that the price difference is quite large, ranging from 10USD per square meter to 20usd/SQM,In fact, in addition to the brand effect, specifications are also an important factor affecting the price. For example, thicker wall panels are usually more durable, but the cost is relatively increased.Variations in length and width also have an impact on prices, as different sizes may require different production processes and raw material usage.


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