WPC trash cans| Plastic garbage can Black iron painted shopping mall trash can in China| Iron Coated Waste Bin
Black iron painted shopping mall trash can in China|  Iron Coated Waste Bin
  • metal trash can
  • Black iron painted shopping mall trash can in China| Iron Coated Waste Bin

    Name:Waste Bin

    Material: iron painted +Galvanized inner tank


    Brand:Hanming WPC

    HS Code:73239900
    USE PLACE: Lobby, Aisle, Hospital, surpermarket, theater, airport, club, station, bank and etc
    • Description

    Metal dustbins have a wide range of applications due to their durability, strength, and resistance to weather conditions. Metal dustbins are commonly used for waste collection and disposal in various settings such as homes, offices, schools, parks, streets, and public spaces. They provide a sturdy and long-lasting solution for containing and collecting different types of waste materials.

    Black iron painted shopping mall trash can

    Since iron materials will also corrode in specific corrosive environments, or form a galvanic corrosion battery with other dissimilar metals, the surface of the iron trash can also needs to be painted.Iron trash can surfaces require special paint to ensure good adhesion and protection. Ordinary paints such as polyurethane paint, acrylic paint, zinc-rich primer, etc. are difficult to adhere to the metal surface, easy to fall off, and cannot achieve the function of anti-corrosion decoration.

    shopping mall trash can

    The price of metal trash cans varies based on various factors. First of all, the quality and brand of the product are one of the important factors that affect the price. Metal sanitation trash cans with high brand awareness and excellent product quality tend to be more expensive.

    Secondly, the capacity of the metal trash can will also affect the price. Generally speaking, the larger the capacity, the higher the price. In addition, the craftsmanship and design of metal sanitation trash cans will also affect the price. Trash cans with complex craftsmanship and unique designs tend to be more expensive.

    Finally, the market supply and demand relationship will also have a certain impact on the price. If the supply in the market is tight and the demand is large, the price may be relatively high.

    As an important part of modern urban sanitation facilities, metal spray-painted trash cans have been widely used. When purchasing metal sanitation trash cans, we need to consider factors such as price, quality, and performance to choose products that suit our needs. Whether in public places or communities, schools, shopping malls, etc., Iron metal trash cans can provide high-quality, beautiful and elegant garbage storage and classification solutions, providing strong support for urban environmental sanitation.


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