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HANMING WPC is selling its WPC products to over 50 countries and areas in the world, such as Britain, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, India, Germany, Spain, Finland, Australia etc., winning good praise from the clients.
  • Professional Suggestion for Different Market

    Professional Suggestion for Different Market

    Different regions have different product preferences. We have many years of sales data to help you choose the most suitable products based on your market conditions. If you work on a project, we can also recommend the best match for your project
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  • Help to Complete the Product Purchase

    Help to Complete the Product Purchase

    Not sure about how to cooperate? Have questions about the payment terms? Want the best shipping price? We have extensive export trading experience, support a variety of payment terms including T/T, West union, Paypal. Also,HANMING WPC have many years of cooperation with many shipping companies, we will help you with completing transactions at the lowest cost.
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  • Update the Order Production Progress in Real Time

    Update the Order Production Progress in Real Time

    The production department will complete the delivery of the goods strictly according to the time specified in the order. We will also continue to update the production progress of the order and provide photos and videos according to your needs, so that you can know the production status of the order in real time.
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  • Transportation and Shipping Arrangements

    Transportation and Shipping Arrangements

    After the order is completed, we will make an inquiry to partner shipping companies and arrange the most suitable shipping. All this will not charge extra fees. We will also send the photo when the goods is loading. It is our duty to ensure the safe arrival of the goods.
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  • Product Installation & Use Instructions

    Product Installation & Use Instructions

    We will provide detailed installation instructions to facilitate the installation when you receive the goods. If you need, we can provide professional construction instructions according to your engineering drawings. We will continue to serve you during the later stages of use.
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  • In-depth Cooperation

    In-depth Cooperation

    HANMING look forward to developing long-term relationships with you. We will keep providing the best service to satisfy any request from you. Become our partner and work with us to develop more resource
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