Composite Railing 50X50mm Solid WPC small Post China | 50x50mm capped wpc post
50X50mm Solid WPC small Post China | 50x50mm capped wpc post
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  • 50X50mm Solid WPC small Post China | 50x50mm capped wpc post

    Solid wpc small post 50×50mm

    Price: 3.0USD/M

    Brand: Hanming WPC

    Item No.:HM-50S50

    Length:from 1M to 5.8M , cut as your demands.

    Size: 50x50mm

    Color:choose from our normal color,or match with yours.


    Application:swimming pool ,garden,balcony ,outdoor used.

    Delivery time: 15days after deposit received

    Made in :CHINA

    • Description

    50X50mm solid WPC square Post has gradually become the new favorite in outdoor decoration and fence design in recent years. Square tubes of this material are favored by more and more designers and users because of their unique properties and advantages.
    We need to understand what WPC is. WPC, also known as wood-plastic composite material, is a new environmentally friendly material made of a mixture of plastic and wood fibers. It has the natural beauty of wood and the durability of plastic, so it is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, garden landscaping, furniture manufacturing and other fields.
    The 50X50mm solid wpc square tube is an application form of wood plastic material. Its size is moderate, which can ensure strength without being too bulky. This kind of square tube comes in a variety of colors and can be selected according to personal preferences and environmental needs, making it very flexible.

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    50X50mm solid WPC square tube has become an ideal choice for outdoor decoration and fences due to its environmental protection, durability, beauty, easy maintenance and safety. Whether it is a home garden or a public space, you can create a unique and comfortable environment by using plastic wood square tubes.

    The 50X50mm wpc ensures sufficient strength and stability without being too bulky, and is suitable for constructing decorations and fences of various sizes and shapes. Whether it is a small fence in a family yard or the edge of a large flower bed in a public green space, you can see it.

    One of the advantages of solid wpc tubes is their environmental friendliness. Compared with traditional wood, WPC square post do not produce harmful waste during the production process and can be recycled after use, reducing damage to the environment. At the same time, due to its anti-corrosion and anti-insect properties, it also avoids the necessity of using chemical agents and protects the ecological environment.

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    This kind of WPC square Post is made of high-quality PE plastic and wood powder, which not only retains the natural texture and beauty of wood, but also increases the weather resistance of the plastic. No matter it is hot or cold, it will not deform or crack. At the same time, the surface has been specially treated to prevent fading and maintain its original color for a long time.
    china wpc small post

    The 50X50mm co-extruded square Post is a more advanced composite Item. It is made of two inner and outer layers of materials with different properties through a co-extrusion process. It not only has better strength, but also has better weather resistance and environmental protection. characteristic.

    From a structural point of view, the advantages of co-extruded square tubes are obvious. The outer layer is generally made of high molecular polymer, which can effectively resist natural erosion such as ultraviolet radiation, wind and rain; the inner layer is mostly made of ordinary WPC materials, which increases the environmental protection attributes of the product. This structural design enables co-extruded square pipes to exhibit higher durability and stability in practical applications.

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