Composite Material Blog Be wary of WPC low-price temptation | Not all Chinese WPC are reliable

Be wary of WPC low-price temptation | Not all Chinese WPC are reliable

May 11, 2024

In the market of outdoor products, WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is favored by many consumers because of its environmental protection and cost advantages. However, some products from Chinese WPC manufacturers cannot be purchased. Why is this? Similarly, what secrets are hidden in those low-priced WPC products on the market? This article will try to reveal the truth behind these.

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We must understand that the production of any product is inseparable from three key factors: raw materials, production technology and quality control. For WPC, high-quality raw materials, advanced production technology and strict quality control are the basis for ensuring the performance of its products. However, some unscrupulous Chinese WPC manufacturers may cut corners in these three aspects in order to maximize profits. For example, they may use inferior raw materials, simplify production processes, or even rush to market products without rigorous testing. The durability, safety and environmental protection of such a product will be greatly reduced. Therefore, consumers must keep their eyes peeled when purchasing.

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Those low-priced WPC products often have many problems hidden behind them. We know that the production cost of WPC is not low, including raw material procurement, production equipment investment, labor costs and other aspects. Therefore, too low prices often make people question the quality of their products. It is possible that these products use recycled materials in the production process, or add large amounts of fillers to reduce production costs. These practices will not only affect the performance of the product, but may even pose a threat to human health.

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What is “unbuyable” WPC? “Here” usually refers to unqualified product quality or non-compliance with safety standards. There are indeed some uneven product quality among Chinese WPC manufacturers, which is not unrelated to some manufacturers’ excessive pursuit of cost reduction and neglect of quality management. For example , in order to reduce production costs, some manufacturers will use lower-quality raw materials or additives. Although such products are cheap, their long-term performance is often poor, and they are prone to problems such as fading, cracking, and even deformation, which affects the use experience and safety.

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Let’s talk about why cheap WPC should not be purchased. The principle that you get what you pay for also applies here. Low prices often mean cost compression, and cost compression will inevitably affect product quality. Cheap WPC may perform well in the early stages of use, but may develop various problems over time. These problems are not limited to appearance damage, but may also involve structural safety, especially when used outdoors. Once structural problems occur, safety accidents may occur.deck in china

From a long-term perspective, frequent replacement of inferior WPC products will cause greater economic losses and waste of resources. Therefore, while considering the initial investment cost, the long-term use cost and maintenance cost of the product should also be considered.
Of course, not all Chinese-made WPCs have problems. In fact, there are also many excellent WPC manufacturers in China who follow strict quality control systems and provide high-quality products. Therefore, consumers need to conduct a comprehensive investigation when choosing WPC products, and should not just use price as the only reference factor.

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Product performance issues. A good WPC  not only looks beautiful, but also has excellent anti-slip, moisture-proof and fire-proof functions. Cheap WPC products often greatly compromise on these key performances. For example, it does not have sufficient anti-skid ability, or it is prone to mold and deterioration in humid environments, which directly affects the consumer experience and safety.

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When choosing WPC flooring, you cannot simply rely on price as a criterion. We should comprehensively evaluate the product from multiple perspectives such as material, workmanship, environmental protection, performance and manufacturer’s services to ensure that the product purchased is worth the money and meets the usage needs and meets environmental protection standards. For those cheap WPC products that cannot provide quality assurance, service guarantee, or have potential health risks, we need to keep a distance and choose carefully to avoid more repair costs and health risks in the future.

On the way to purchase WPC flooring, each of us should become a wise consumer and use our rational choices to promote the development of the market in a healthier, environmentally friendly and orderly direction. Only in this way can we contribute to the sustainable development of the earth while pursuing a better life.

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