WPC Wall Cladding 156X21mm Exterior WPC wall Cladding Panels in China
156X21mm Exterior WPC wall Cladding Panels in China
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  • 156X21mm WPC wall cladding with Texture
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  • 156X21mm Exterior WPC wall Cladding Panels in China

    Brand:HANMING WPC 

    Price: 11Usd/sqm-15usd/sqm

    Size:156x21mm wpc wall board 

    Package:Plastic protective film and Pallet

    Application:House,Fence and so on.



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    WPC wall panel is a kind of composite material profile with excellent physical properties.It is suitable for non-load-bearing walls, and its surface has a certain waterproof ability. WPC wall Panel is aslo manufactured from a combination of plastic, natural fiber and some additives using special equipments. It has gradually replaced wood and plastic wall cladding, getting widely used in more and more fields.156X21mm is just one size in our wall panel specifications.


    WPC wall cladding properties are outstanding: high strength, high stiffness, acid-and-alkali-proof, erosion-proof, non-distortion, formaldehyde excluded, easiness to recycle, etc. And it can be made into several of sections and sizes. Actually, it keeps the processing performance and natural quality of timber. At the same time, the disadvantages of timber, like cracks, moth and weakness in durability, are all overcome by the use of WPC Furthermore, the outstanding properties of WPC makes it unnecessary to paint and maintain. In China, we take the lead in developing WPC for landscape architecture, which is especially favored in the fields like landscape architecture, real estate and city construction.

    WPC wall panel in china

    More than 50 types of WPC profiles from HANMING WPC  company have been researched and thrown in market, and they can be used in decking, railing, ceiling, wall panel, pavilion, bridge, tables and chairs, handrail, flower box, dustbin and pallet etc. Our products, as outdoor building materials and landscape products, have been sold to many cities of China and been exported to America,European countries, Thailand, Korea, Japan,etc .

    Composite Cladding China Price: 12- 16USD Per sqm.  Minimum Order Quantity: 100 square meters per design & color.outoor wall cladding is an ever incresingly popular choice for finishing the outside of commrecial and domestic building.

    HANMING 156S21 WPC wall cladding refers to wall cladding panels that are 156mm in width and 21mm in thickness. This size of WPC wall cladding is a popular choice for many homeowners and builders, as it is suitable for a range of exterior wall cladding applications.


    WPC itself is a material with superior performance, even if it is not perishable, it is also less than many wood products. Wood plastic wall panel is also very excellent in color and texture. There are various imitation wood colors on the surface, but the wood-plastic material actually has a little advanced sense on the whole, and it is still very beautiful and practical for construction.


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    Color: Redwood, coffee,Coffee, Grey,Black,etc.


    Q:What is the dimension of WPC cladding?

    We have up to a dozen wall panel sizes and different styles, if you are interested, please send us an inquiry.

    Q:Is WPC cladding fire resistant?

    The usual fire rating of WPC wall cladding is Cf1, but if the customer needs, after adding flame retardant to the raw material, the fire rating of wall cladding can reach B1,self-extinguishing in case of fire.

    Q: Is WPC cladding material waterproof?

    WPC boards are highly durable, weather resistant, waterproof and termite resistant which makes these suitable for several interiors as well as exterior applications. These boards are good for termite-proof furniture even for outdoor areas.


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