Composite decking board 140X40mm four-sided flat WPC boards |four-sided flat composite board
140X40mm four-sided flat WPC boards |four-sided flat composite board
  • 140X40mm SOlid wpc deck
  • 140X40mm wood board
  • 140X40mm four-sided flat WPC boards |four-sided flat composite board

    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

    Brand:Hanming WPC



    Component:30%PE+60% Wood Fibers+10%Additives

    Surface Treatment:Wood grain, Sanded, Brushed

    Length: standard length: 2.2m , 2.9m, 5.8m

    Advantage:Anti-slip. Eco-friendly

    Colors: Redwood, chocolate, coffee,teak, grey,black,white.etc
    • Description

    140X40mm is one of the specifications in our WPC boards. It is flat on all four sides and can be used for decorative boards or floors. This size has relatively high strength and has a variety of colors to choose from. 140mm is its width. 40mm is its thickness, and the length can be customized according to customer needs.140x40mm also has hollow decking, and the surface can be printed with wood grain.

    140X40mm Solid wpc decking

    Standard:140X40mm; Profile:Solid; Type: Traditional WPC

    140X40mm is Made from solid materials, the solid composite decking has no hollow design,And it’s flat on all sides.140X40mm Solid WPC decking  is made of a mixture of wood fiber and plastic.It isWaterproof, anti-corrosive, anti-cracking, durable and easy to care for.It has better  stability than wood.

    WPC deck extruder

    WPC composite decking shows more advantages than traditional hardwood boards both in appearance and performance.It is waterproof, easy to be installed, windproof, eco-friendly and low maintenance.

    The difference between solid and hollow WPC boards mainly lies in their different load-bearing capacity. Solid wpc  flooring will have much stronger support. Solid WPC flooring can be used in places with large outdoor passenger flow or where family cars need to be parked.In addition, since this floor has no grooves on all sides, it can also be used for decorative panels.

    Solid WPC composite decking is one of the types of wood plastic composite decking. It is made up of a blend of recycled plastic and recycled wood, as the name implies, and has a solid structure. WPC composite decking in solid profile is extremely robust, making it a great choice for heavy-duty applications. The loading capacity could reach 6100N which is a perfect choice for commercial use.

    Solid wpc deck 140X40mm

    140X40mm Solid WPC boards are corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant, antibacterial, insect-resistant, non-cracking, slow-fading, non-toxic and harmless, easy to install, recyclable, healthy and environmentally friendly.It is increasingly being used to replace wood,We can usually see wood-plastic panels in park walkways and square corridors. They are mainly used in the production of floors, chairs, furniture, door panels, etc.



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