With years of experience, We have traditional WPC Decking (Hollow & Solid), Capped decking, Composite fencing,Wall cladding,etc.we are excited to help our customers choose the right product for them and give all of our customers’ excellent service and care before.


    Our WPC is a highly sustainable and durable material that offers a range of benefits. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and resistant to rot, decay, and insects. Our WPC is of the highest quality, ensuring long-lasting performance and customer satisfaction.


    We have traditional WPC Decking (Hollow & Solid), Capped WPC Decking and 3D Embossing decking, Composite Fencing, WPC wall cladding,WPC Bench, flower box,Pergola,etc.



Outdoor Composite deck flooring, Exterior WPC Wall Cladding, WPC Fencing, Composite Handrail,WPC Flower box, Composite Pergola, Composite Pavilion
  • 3D EMBOSSING wpc decking board china

    3D EMBOSSING wpc decking board china

  • co-extrusion wpc wall cladding

    co-extrusion wpc wall cladding

  • Capped wpc decking china

    Capped wpc decking china

  • Hollow traditional WPC decking

    Hollow traditional WPC decking

  • Solid traditional WPC deck

    Solid traditional WPC deck

  • WPC Garbage Can

    WPC Garbage Can

  • WPC pergola

    WPC pergola

  • fence wpc from China

    fence wpc from China

  • Simple  assembled flower box

    Simple assembled flower box

  • air conditioner cover made of wpc

    air conditioner cover made of wpc

air conditioner cover made of wpc


With 10 years' experience in the field of wood plastic composite (WPC) products, we are willing to help you find out the best wpc decking for you,CHANGXING HANMING TECHNOLOGY Co.,LTD is a Manufacturer and Exporter of WPC products in Zhejiang,China.
Wood-plastic composite (WPC or composite wood)is a hybrid material composed of 60% reclaimed timber, 30% recycled high-density polyethylene(HDPE), and 10% additives ,WPC Product can easily replicate the advantage of timber decking without any of the defects like fading, rotting or staining.
Hanming is selling and exporting products to more than 30 countries. That includes South Africa, India, Australia, America, Russia, etc. Among their products are composite decking, WPC wall panel, 3D embossed decking, WPC pergola, WPC DIY decking, and more.
Hanming main products can be widely used in landscape, interior and exterior decorations, construction, packaging, and transportation.

Wood plastic composite material is a outdoor material solution



CHANGXING HANMING TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. is located in huzhou city ,Zhejiang,China. As a pioneer in  environmental protection industry, we specialize in manufacturering and trade composite wood products and strive to promote the usage of these new materials.

Our composite materials are widely include outdoor wpc decking, fencing, railing, Wall cladding and other public amenities like outdoor bench,Flower box, pergola and so on. In the meantime,WPC materials are also getting more and more popular in indoor building decoration industry.

Our composite products have been exported to North America (United States, Canada), South America (Bolivia,Argentina), Europe (England, Norway, Poland and Sweden), Asia (Korea, Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai) and Australia, New Zealand etc. There are over 30 countries and regions using our "Hanming" composite products.

HANMING focuse on quality production to cooperate with our global customers.We offer high quality products and excellent service in order to create a perfect harmonious future! we are proud of being a trusted supplier to all our customers.With our experienced sales team, we've been able to introduce these new materials to the customers worldwide.

air conditioner cover made of wpc


Some consultation about the composite material industry, product installation or other valuable information about composite materials.
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